Because The World Needs More Love Letters

If you've been following my blog or Instagram, you know that a few weeks ago I participated in Hannah Brencher's first-ever writing intensive. This girl has been such an encouragement to me, and taking part in her writing course really inspired me to write, to be vulnerable, and to break the fear.

So when Hannah asked if I would join this year's 12 Days of Love Letter Writing, I jumped at the chance. The campaign is an extension of More Love Letters, an initiative that began with Hannah leaving love letters all over New York City for strangers to find. A few years, a TED talk, a memoir, and 63 countries later, MLL is still going strong. (You really should read the whole story. It's pretty awesome.) Anyone can submit letters to those who have requested them, and you can also nominate someone you know to receive letters of their own. 

In the spirit of the holiday season, the 12 Days of Love Letter Writing is 12 solid days packed to the brim with letter requests specific to the holiday season, social media buzz, a Twitter bash, hot chocolate, and nonstop scripting of love letters for more than 12 recipients and several nonprofit groups. Each day from December 7 to 18, a new letter request will be posted on this page

Today, on the fifth day of letter writing, is a request for Kevin. 

Kevin is just an all-around wonderful human. He is always going out of his way to make other people feel loved and included. It doesn’t take long for any random stranger to add Kevin to their "top favorite people" list.
Recently Kevin’s girlfriend passed away suddenly due to a brain aneurysm; she was only 32. It happened so fast that all their friends are struggling with ways to grieve and ways to heal, and of course Kevin is still going out of his way to make sure that everyone else is doing okay with the loss of their friend. Join us in showering Kevin with all the love that he consistently shows to everyone around him!

So I'm sharing my letter for Kevin here, and I'm sending a special copy via snail mail. Maybe you can relate. If so, I hope this letter brings you some much-needed cheer, too. 

Dear Kevin,

You are an incredible friend to so many people, and your genuine care for others does not go unnoticed. Although you and I have never met, I have a feeling we would be fast friends.

I know you're going through a very difficult time right now. I can only imagine what you're feeling, and I don't understand why this happened. But even in all the confusion and the pain, I want to tell you that it will get better. I’ve been through darkness, too, and I want you to know that there is light on the other side.

Kevin, you are so much stronger than you realize. You will make it through this.

I'm here to encourage you to continue being your wonderful self. Your big heart is a blessing to all who know you. You truly have a gift, and the world needs more people like you. You inspire everyone around you with your compassion and kind spirit. You lift them up, help them feel better, and let them know they are not alone. You are not alone either, dear friend. We are all rallying around you—thinking of you and praying you feel deeply loved every single day.

So keep going. Keep holding your head high. Keep opening your heart. And keep being your wonderful self. We are so grateful for you, Kevin.

Sending you all my love,


Now it's your turn. Will you join me in sending Kevin a little love this holiday season? I know if we each share a bit of our light, this world can become a brighter place. Your letter to Kevin doesn't have to be anything over-the-top or poetic. Just simple, straight-from-the-heart, can't-forget-it love.


Kevin’s bundle

c/o Kayla L.

139 Ordale Boulevard

Pittsburgh PA 15228