Beauty Is... Becoming

photo c/o Kat Harris

photo c/o Kat Harris

This week's post is one very close to my heart. In January, I had the honor to write for The Refined Woman as part of their "Beauty Is" series. I'm talking about real beauty, worth, and being made for so much more than our physical appearance. Head over to their site to read the full story.

God works in mysterious and wonderful ways, guys. I may not have written this post and connected with The Refined Woman had I not moved to a new neighborhood, or gone through a breakup, or started a new job. We see God's faithfulness all the time in His word, but it's encouraging to see it through my own life, here and now, even in the midst of things that I didn't understand when they happened.

I've read and admired The Refined Woman for a long time, and I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to contribute today. Although I met The Refined Woman's co-founder Katherine Harris during my time at Verily, I had not really gotten to know her. But after I went through a breakup last year, I began investing more time and energy into my writing and learning about who I am, on my own and with God. I attended an event on singleness last fall with the incredible Marian Jordan Ellis, and Kat happened to be there photographing. Turns out she and Marian are friends. I was able to reconnect with Kat after the event, and shortly thereafter I wrote this post. 

My view of beauty and worth has changed a lot these past few years. Beauty means becoming who we were created to be, fully embracing the unique creation that we are. I'm grateful for all the ways I've been refined, and I'm excited to continue growing in 2016 and beyond.